> Black and white
> Colors
> With the addition of paper inserts that describe the
subject (example: pages of books, novels, newspapers,
greeting cards, handwritten letters, photographs)

The oil portrait with paper inserts is a peculiarity of the artist, a unique style that led her to exhibit her works throughout Italy and abroad.
The inserts are, in fact, "written traces" that describe the personality and the path of the subject in the portrait; they reinforce its meaning and create a unique and totally personalized work.
Anything that is on paper can be applied as a background or an integral part of the portrait: pages of novels, magazines, comics, musical scores, handwritten letters, greeting cards.

Author portraits

The author portraits are a particular and unique typology, the prerogative of the artist, who puts part of his creative process in the realization of the work.
Alessandra proposes two different types of portrait portraits: one provides for the addition of paper inserts which aim to better describe the subject, and which may include pages of novels, magazines, comics, scores, photographs and handwritten letters. It is also possible to insert gold, copper and silver (authentic) leaves. For this typology it is possible to choose whether to apply the paper inserts on the background and to paint above, or to integrate the additions directly with the subject, as if they were tattoos on the skin.
> See the Tales / Skin gallery for concrete examples.

The second type of proposed portrait of the author is the portrait with the stippling technique: this particular solution is made with very fine ink pens, with the pointillism technique.

Usually the price list applied to artistic portraits refers to the artist coefficient, which is equal to 1.9. However, in order not to make costs prohibitive, the artist decided to lower the coefficient for commissioned portraits of the author, bringing it to 1.2.
Unlike classic portraits, in this case there are no price changes based on the number of subjects to be portrayed.
Author's portraits are validated with the full signature (front and back) and accompanied by the Certificate of authenticity of the work. Also included, included in the price, is the photographic set or the time-lapse video of the work in progress, to see the whole process of creating the portrait and preserve a unique and tangible memory.

* The price is calculated, in mm, as follows: (base + height) * 1.2 = cost of the portrait.





Full signature (front and back)
Certificate of authenticity of the artwork
Photo / Video of the work in progress
Packaging and free shipping



of all the portrait during the

work in progress process.

Contact the artist

for more informations

Ink portrait with
pointillism technique
> Black and white

This particular type of portrait, created exclusively by the artist, has the word STIPPLING as an international term. The technique consists in creating the portrait with very fine ink pens on white or colored paper, with the depression of thousands of dots that go to build shadows and lights.
A graphic variation of pointillism, which gives the portrait a magical aspect.