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Classic portraits include the two most common types of portrait: pencil and charcoal on paper, or oil on canvas. Alessandra has been working as a portrait painter for years, sending her works on commission all over the world. In addition to the creation of auteur portraits, which see the artist's personal imprint, there is also the possibility of remotely commissioning a classic portrait, faithful to the proposed photography. This choice was born to allow everyone to commission a portrait and get closer to art, trying to adopt a more accessible and clearly lower price list than the cost of the works according to the current coefficient of the artist in the artistic market.

Portraits can be shipped worldwide by express courier, and packaging is done with care. It is also possible to follow the work in progress of the portrait, and see the result before it is sent, with the right to request any changes.

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> Black and white
> Black and white with color inserts

Portraits in pencil and / or charcoal are usually made by mixing the two techniques, in order to create a greater contrast between the shadows and the lights.
The support used for this technique is
specific drawing paper, with a weight of about 300g, and with high percentages of cotton.
The paper used can be white, gray or cream, based on the starting shade of the photo and the effect you want to create.
It is possible to create the portrait entirely in
black and white or with color inserts in some details, which are carried out with colored pencils, watercolor or soft pastel.

The minimum size to be able to make a pencil / charcoal portrait is the A4 format (21x29.7cm), and it can be up to a maximum size of 110x150cm.

> Black and white
> Black and white with color inserts
> Colors

The oil portraits are painted entirely by hand, starting from a white canvas (in cotton or linen), and following the classic process of glazing.
The canvas is shipped already framed, then equipped with a rigid wooden support and ready to hang.
Oil portraits can be done in black and white, in color, or in black and white with color inserts.
It is possible to portray children, men and women, animals, and make family portraits from different photographs (just send photos of the different components of the portrait, and a composition preview will be created with Photoshop to evaluate together the arrangement of the figures).
Each portrait, at the end, is finished with a final protective varnish.

The minimum size to make an oil portrait on canvas is the 30x40cm format (with a subject). There are no limits on the size of the painting.

> Colors

If you want to create a portrait of your pets, or receive a drawing of any land or sea animal, you can also opt for the soft pastel technique on paper.

The pastel is particularly suitable for rendering the textures of fur, feathers and scales, and lends itself to portraits with vivid colors and full of contrasts. With this technique it is also possible to choose colored paper supports.

The minimum size to be able to create a pastel portrait is the 30x40cm format.  

The maximum size for this technique is the 70x100cm format.