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Ritratto ad olio


The oil portraits are painted entirely by hand, starting from a white canvas (made of cotton or linen) and following the typical glazing process.

The canvas is shipped on a framework, a hard wooden support ready to be hung.

Oil portraits can be made in black and white, in color, or in black and white with color inserts.

It is possible to portray children, men, women, and animals and to make family portraits starting from different photographs ( you can just send the photos of the various subjects of the portrait and using Photoshop the artist will create a preview of the final composition to evaluate together the arrangement of the different figures).

Each portrait is finished with a final protective varnish.

The minimum size to be able to create an oil portrait on canvas is the 30x40cm format (with a single subject) but it can be as big as the customer desires.

The portraits can be shipped worldwide by express courier, and the packaging is done with care. You can follow the work in progress of the portrait and see the result before it is sent. You also have the right to request any changes.


Realistic style
Level of detail: 2 coats
Final protective varnish
Signature with initials

Hyper-realistic style
Level of detail: 3/4 veils
Final protective varnish
Full signature
Authenticity certificate
Packing and shipping included



of all the portrait during the
work in progress process.


Contact the artist

for more informations

E' possibile commissionare un ritratto a distanza?

I ritratti possono essere spediti in tutto il mondo con corriere espresso, e gli imballaggi vengono effettuati con cura.

E' inoltre possibile seguire il work in progress della realizzazione del ritratto, e vedere il risultato prima che venga spedito, con la facoltà di richiedere eventuali modifiche. 

Per ulteriori informazioni leggi la sezione domande frequenti oppure contatta direttamente l'artista.

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