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June 2019

Premio Marchionni

First Prize

Winner of Marchionni Prize 2019

With the MOTHER candidate work.
Three collective exhibitions for Fall 2019:
- Museo Magmma, Villacidro
- Museo Cà La Ghironda, Bologna
- Palazzo del Collegio Raffaello, Urbino

January 2018

ArtRooms 2018 | London

20 / 22 January 2018 @ Meliá White House, Albany Street –Regent’s Park, LONDON

Happy to announce that it was selected along with 70 other international artists on more than a thousand participants to participate in Art Rooms, London.

March 2015

ELLE Italia


"She was born in Chivasso, Autodidact, in elementary school she filled notebooks with drawings, her eyes the focal point. He tried to deviate, to run away, to London with the backpack, to the restaurants to work at the tables - finding himself however with the pencil in his hand to draw on the block of the orders. Now he knows he just needs to paint, it's his freedom. First the portraits for family and acquaintances, from 2012 finally a study, exhibitions, awards. Every morning he gets up with a smile. He travels as much as he can, even alone: ​​"Knowing distant and different people makes us understand that the world is a great work of art. For this I portray people of different cultures, languages ​​and ethnicities. Through their eyes I can imagine the world they come from, "he says. But then he returns home, and uses the portrait also to build his Tales: paintings - stories that incorporate bills, pages of novels, photographs. It is worth seeing her paint, on her site, in the videos that show her at work. "
Pia Capelli for Elle Italia, March 2015

May 2014

Meeting FEDEZ

A "close encounter" with rapper Fedez during one of his "appearances" in public. A tailor-made and widely appreciated portrait.

December 2019 | January 2020


A group exhibition in London with Itsliquid 

An exhibition of contemporary art, focused on the concept of transformation, starting from the alchemical processes, that aim to purify the nature elements: earth, air, water and fire.

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25 November 2018

M. Buonarroti

Art Prize

Artist Finalist of the MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI AWARD organized by the Arte per Amore Association.

The collective exhibition dedicated to the winners and finalists of the Michelangelo Buonarroti Prize is inaugurated on 25 November 2018 at Villa Bertelli (Forte dei Marmi).
Present with the selected work "Mother".

October 2017

Workshop in Florence


The workshop on self-portrait held at the OnArt art gallery in Florence concluded.
The best portrait that a portraitist can achieve is, certainly, his own. This is because we don't know anyone better than ourselves. From this premise the idea of organizing a workshop dedicated to the self-portrait is born, with the aim of digging deep into one's personality and getting in touch with ourselves trying to "get out" of the canons.
During the workshop a pictorial elaborate was realized through the union between written traces and oil painting. Each participant had the task of collecting printed material that represented his identity, from pages of novels and magazines, to personal letters and handwritten tickets. After a first phase of application of the paper material, the self-portraits were painted starting from a photograph of choice, to which the participants were somehow connected in the depths.

October 2014

Guest by Alessandro Cattelan on Radio Deejay

Guest by Alessandro Cattelan for the Follow Deejay, with an unexpected gift.

5/27 October 2019


Bipersonal at Lucca

A two-person exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Lucca.

In collaboration with the Banca Del Monte Foundation of Lucca, the exhibition in combination with the artist Jacopo Da San Martino will focus on FRAGMENTS. Two different visions of reality and two different languages for the same purpose.

2018 / 2019

Workshop in Turin

A series of workshops that combine pictorial art and culinary art, in collaboration with Le Ferriere di Torino. The workshops can be followed individually, but also conceived as an artistic path that explores the theme of the portrait in different forms and with different techniques.
A cycle in which graphite, charcoal, watercolors, pastels and ink will be used, and where the theme of life drawing with a model will be addressed.
Each workshop will take place on Saturday, about once a month, and will last 7 hours, with a themed lunch break.
Dishes will be offered in line with the topic of the day by the chef of Le Ferriere.

September 2017

"DeNudo" exhibition

Saturday, September 2, 2017 at 6.30pm the "DeNudo" Collective Exhibition was inaugurated at the ONART Gallery in Florence.
An exhibition dedicated to the nude in all its forms, in a historic and suggestive location.

June 2014

Elio Fiorucci Prize

ALESSANDRA PAGLIUCA winner of the competition organized by Arcadja, "ELIO FIORUCCI".
The work that won the award was "THE PAST", voted by the designer Elio Fiorucci.

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